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Growth Horizons Inc. is a non-profit human services organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships, and participate in community life. We treat everyone with respect, dignity, courtesy, and equality regardless of ability.

Growth Horizons starts with the presumption that all people…

  • have the right and ability to make choices regarding the direction of their own lives;
  • should be afforded the opportunity to form relationships within the community; and
  • have the right to take risks and learn through life experiences.

Growth Horizons contracts with Salisbury Management, Inc. to provide administrative services. Growth Horizons has several other business partners that provide specialized services to individuals with mental illness, individuals with autism, individuals who are deaf and have mental illness/intellectual disability, and individuals with complex medical needs.


Contact Us

Salisbury Management, Inc.
23 Walker Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21208
Tel: 410-653-0944
Tel: 800-486-6350
Fax: 410-653-2785

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