Words of inspiration for Salisbury Management from Paul Volosov, Ph.D., Founder and President Salisbury Management, Inc.


I would love to see our organization focusing on supporting each other to live productive and fulfilling lives – rather than focusing on mediating serious and complex problems.

I would love to be seen as a resource for problem solving rather than as the “BOSS”.

I would love to fulfill only my responsibilities because you are fulfilling your responsibilities.

I would love for you to be everything you can be so that I can be everything that I can be.

I would love each of us to be jealous of the good things that other people do, but only to the extent that this motivates each of us to do more good things.

I would love to value each of you for who you are rather than for what you can do for me.

I would love for you to value me for who I am rather than for what I can do for you.

While we are not there yet, I do love the reality that we are getting closer every day to being where I would love to be.


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