PAHrtners is committed to providing culturally AND clinically competent services to individuals that are Deaf, Late Deafened, or Hard of Hearing.

PAHrtners supports people to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships, and participate in community life. We provide resources and opportunities in an integrated manner. We treat everyone with respect, dignity, and equality. We believe that self-determination and interdependence can be achieved by all. PAHrtners was founded in 2001 to overcome the barriers of access to behavioral health services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Our staff is skilled in adapting to a wide-range of communication modalities, including American Sign Language, speech and speech reading, visual gestural communication, and international sign language. Our team is predominately Deaf, Late Deafened, or Hard of Hearing.

Providing Case Management, Residential Services, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient Clinical Services, and more.


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