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Baltimore, MD – April 1, 2016– Salisbury Management, Inc. recently announced multiple leadership changes and advancements within the company. Paul Volosov, Ph.D., who founded the company in the late 1970’s, delivered the news of his transition along with other promotions that will take place within the organization. After he founded the company, Paul has served as President of Salisbury Management, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates for almost forty years. Recently, Paul has stepped down as President, but will maintain his responsibilities as Chairman of the Board and CFO for Salisbury Management, Inc.

Filling the position as President of Salisbury Management, Inc. is former Executive Vice President,
David Volosov, B.S., J.D. David joined Salisbury in 2010. His primary responsibilities include supervising and leading the Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Facilities Management, Quality & Learning, and Marketing departments. In addition, David works closely with the Vice Presidents and CEO’s of all the subsidiaries and affiliates to aid in the growth, development, and further each of their missions. David has experience and expertise in behavioral healthcare and special education operations, as well as corporate, real estate, and employment law.

“I am excited about the added strength our upper management team has achieved through these changes, and I look forward to many more years of providing quality supports to people with serious and complex challenges, offering excellent working conditions for all of our staff members, and expanding the good that we do every day,” explained Chairman, CFO, Paul Volosov.

About Salisbury Management Inc.

Salisbury Management, Inc. provides professional, operational, and management services to companies in the fields of behavioral health and special education. Our goal is to improve business processes for the companies we service on a continuous basis. Salisbury Management has a highly dedicated and experienced team who collaborate to streamline internal practices and processes for better efficiency and accuracy. The company provides support to the following companies: New Story, Salisbury Behavioral Health, PAHrtners Deaf Services, Growth Horizon’s Inc., and Green Tree Schools and Services.


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